About Us: Overview

An innovative, fast-growing specialty insurance company

Advantage Insurance Inc. (“Advantage”), through its operating subsidiaries, specializes in providing customized insurance services to high-net-worth individuals and business owners to serve their risk management and financial planning needs.  Headquartered in Puerto Rico with office locations in the United States and Cayman Islands, Advantage has two primary lines of business:  Life Insurance and Business Insurance.  Advantage’s Life Insurance division issues private placement life insurance policies and annuities, and its Business Insurance division provides captive insurance management services.  In addition, Advantage underwrites certain property and casualty insurance risks for its own account and on behalf of its captive insurance clients.

Life Insurance
Specializing in Private Placement Life Insurance


  • Variable Universal Life
  • Deferred Variable Annuities
  • Enhanced Universal Life
  • Investment Contracts
  • U.S. Compliant
  • Canadian Compliant
  • Open Architecture for Investment Funds
  • Choice of issuer domiciles:
    • Cayman Islands
    • Puerto Rico
Business Insurance
Specializing in Captive Insurance Management Services


  • Traditional Captive Insurance
  • Group Captives
  • Risk Retention Groups
  • Protected Cell Captives
  • Private Label Insurance Companies
  • Captive Risk Diversification
  • Broad range of domiciles and structures:
    • Cayman Islands
    • Puerto Rico
    • South Carolina and other states